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A wedding is such a special occasion that it’s no wonder couples are on the lookout for something to make their day truly unique and exciting. For those seeking an unusual twist, why not consider an outdoor ceremony which connects you to nature in the shape of a magical woodland wedding. Just as the Forest of Arden was the magical setting for Shakespeare’s two sets of lovers in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, so a woodland wedding offers the chance for a beautiful, personal and intimate wedding celebration.

Picture walking down a tree lined aisle towards your family and friends, saying your vows under a romantic willow arch and having a personal woodland blessing. Kenton Hall Estate can bring you this unique experience, one that will make your day even more memorable.

Here at Kenton Hall Estate we like to think we are lifting restrictions and offering something truly alternative. As well as woodland weddings we also offer glamping accommodation for the evening of your wedding. We give couples the freedom to choose exactly what they want and bespoke ceremonies can be readily arranged.

The beauty of a woodland blessing is that it is a non-legal ceremony that can be personalised to suit each couple. You can have a celebrant conduct your blessing or even a family member or friend. The whole process is relaxed and focused on celebrating your new union and so the more personal the better.

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We encourage couples to extend the woodland wedding theme into the reception marquee with real trees for decor. The flowers and table centerpieces are also features that can reflect the woodland theme. Ideas for other aspects include wooden cake bases,

The woodland also makes a great backdrop for wedding photographs and a distinctive alternative to formal hotel gardens. A woodland wedding is an experience that the bride and groom will treasure forever and it will also be perhaps the most memorable wedding their guests have ever attended.

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