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We know how daunting it is to plan a hen weekend! There is so much pressure to plan the best hen party that is fun, stylish & unique. Oh and you will need to organise 18 busy ladies all of which have hectic jobs, babies or are a nightmare to get hold of!

We have hosted some amazing glamping hen weekends here at Kenton Hall Estate over the past three years and each has introduced some great ideas for games, decorations and ideas.

Hen parties have moved on from just a few glasses of wine and a meal in your local town. We offer an alternative weekend of glamping for your nearest and dearest that includes catering and activities to give the maid-of-honour the most stress hen she’s ever organised! Our packages start from £180 per person for 2 nights bed and breakfast, yoga and an activity. Find out more here:

Here are our top 5 ideas that we have picked up to inspire you to create the ultimate Glamping hen weekend!

Our friends over at WedFest have created these amazing wristbands so you can embrace the festival vibe for the ultimate glamping experience – check them on the WedFest website.



A fun DIY hen weekend gift idea for all those Prosecco loving ladies is to create your own hangover survival kits packaged in printed bags to leave in your hens lodge tents. Add sunglasses, plasters, mouth wash, aspirin, and energy bars to help guests recover….!


  • Sleep mask
  • Bottled water & custom labels
  • Chapstick
  • Mouth wash
  • Barocca
  • Granola bar
  • Sunglasses
  • Mints
  • Plasters
  • Ginger ale

No hen weekend is complete without some fun games to lighten to mood and get everyone to bond. Mr and Mrs is a classic and provides some pretty funny moments for the bride-to-be!

Mr and Mrs Quiz

What is it?

The Mr and Mrs quiz tests the bride to see how well she really knows her groom!  It is a classic hen party game that never fails to entertain.

What will you need?

  • A list of quiz questions. We have made this easy for you and created a list of 20 questions as part of our FREE Hen Party Game Kit.
  • A recording/ video device, a smart phone will work just fine. 

How do you play it?

  1. Before the hen party you need to ask the Mr and Mrs quiz questions to the groom. Ideally you should either video or record him answering the questions. If this is not possible make sure you write down his answers and keep them safe.
  2. At the hen party sit everyone down in a room and make the bride to be come to the front of the room.
  3. Make sure everyone can see or hear the groom’s answers from a TV, laptop or speakers.
  4. Explain the rules to the bride to be. Make sure she knows that there will be forfeits for incorrect answers!
  5. Ask the first question to the bride to be and note down her answer. 
  6. Play the recording of the groom to see if she answered the question correctly.
  7. Repeat for all of the questions. 
  8. Every time the bride to be gets an answer correct, you could give her a little present from each of your guests. Every time she gets an answer wrong, give her a forfeit!


Get your girls kitted out with the right attire for the weekend, welly boots are a must, but why not buy these amazing t-shirts from local Suffolk business Love hard, change lives. Not only are these tees super stylish but 25% of your order will be donated to MIND – The UK Mental Health Charity. Find out more here.

Our woodland glamping site is pretty special and Instagram-friendly, but why not create a feast for your hens eyes by adding some fun décor. First of all, decide on a hen party theme, be it festival, chic or retro! Remember it’s all about the bride!

Once you’ve got your theme you can then crack on with décor planning, for example, for a festival themed hen the bride try these Henfest ideas:

Decorations: Decorate with colourful bunting, garlands and flags

Music: Ask all your hens to contribute to a rocking playlist

Activity: Choose our floral headband activity so you can all don your flowers and look sensational! Or perhaps the outdoorsy archery option for something unique?

What To Wear: Floral headbands and wellies of course, oh and maybe some glitter!!