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Spring is definitely here to stay now. The oil seed rape flowers are now out making the fields a sea of yellow. As the days are getting longer so are my working hours. We’ve started fencing the pasture ready for the cows to go out, they’re getting rather restless as they can smell the fresh grass and feel the warmer days.

The owl boxes are filling up and I’ve already seen one pair of nesting kestrels, green woodpeckers and buzzards. This is all wonderful news as it means our farm has a very diverse eco-system which we closely monitor by allowing our livestock to graze on natural meadow pasture.

As the soil has dried out it has allowed us to get out onto the fields to tend to our crops. It has been the perfect weather to get the sprayer out after a long winter. Spraying our crops means that they are more manageable when it comes to harvest in the summer.

We are keeping a close eye on Lizzie our sow, as she is due to give birth any day now. A new of piglets will bring energy and excitement to the farm.

This warmer weather is making us look forward to the summer and the harvest ahead.

Enjoy the sunshine, I will be!

Until next month, Kieran