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As we draw into a new month, spring is definitely on the way. The days are getting longer and the layers are starting to be peeled off. Spring brings new life to the countryside. Young hares emerge in their reddish brown coats and start chasing and boxing in the fields around the farm. The kestrels return to their favourite hunting grounds, which is in and around the bales. Its like the countryside has shaken off its winter coat.

At the start of February we went to collect some English Oxford Sandy and black pigs we have just brought. It didn’t take them long to settle into there new home within the roundhouse. We will be cracking on with their new home in the woodland when the weather becomes better. Pigs have very big characters; ours are very mischievous, always up to no good and play in the straw. It’s a joy to watch them having a good time with out a care in the world.

February was the month of love. On the farm our pedigree Longhorn bull (Top gun) is hard at work trying to sire the next generation of calves, which should all arrive this coming summer.

On the farm we love to encourage wildlife. We have done this by replacing and adding new owl boxes into some of the bigger trees on the farm this month. Hopefully we can boost the numbers of owls and birds of prey on farm.

At the end of the month, Lucy and I will be taking a tractor into the local primary school to teach the children about our farming life. Hopefully this will inspire the next generation to take up farming. Which will be great for British farming and agriculture around the world. 

Until next month, Kieran.