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At the start of the year, Harvest seemed a distant thought. We actually didn’t know if we were going to get anything to harvest due to the lack of rain. However, it has quickly come around as it always does and we were rushed to get everything cleaned and serviced ready for the break in the weather.

The month started with washing the grain store from top to bottom. Everywhere needed a blast from the pressure washer and then fumigated to remove any of unwanted critters, which could contaminate the crops after they have been harvested and stored. Building new grain walls was next on the list as we have more crops to separate this year.

Last year we made the decision to increase the productions of oats. These are a delicate crop and have been battered by the wind this year however, remarkably 80% of the crop has stayed standing and the rest has been flattened which will make them a challenge to combine. To combine ‘laid’ crops we use an extra attachment on the front of the combine header called lifters. These are extra tines that slot on the header and face downwards towards the soil. As the combine travels forward the tines run underneath the ‘laid’ crops and lift them up wards for the blades to cut and seeds extracted.

As harvest rolled every closer in July, it was time to check all the equipment ready for the rush of harvest. The trailers were all in good condition and just needed a quick clean before use. Then we turned our attention onto the combine which has been in store over the winter. The combine had some minor problems which needed addressing. There was a small hydraulic leak and a change of air filters and a quick wash left her primed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. As July came to an end we had our golden opportunity to get started with harvest. The Oilseed rape was ready and so was the team. The combine rumbled into life and tractors were busy carting the crop back to the store. We managed to complete majority of the rape before the rain stopped play. Hopefully we get some fair weather and get the combine rolling again.

Until next month,