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Kenton Hall Estate is a beautiful privately owned country Estate set in the heart of the Suffolk countryside.

The Estate’s wedding venue and glamping site is managed by the owner’s enthusiastic daughter Emily.

The present owners have lived in the Hall for over 25 years. Over the years they have renovated both the house and farm to restore it to its former glory. The Hall is a very much-loved family home, projecting a calm and happy atmosphere.

The manor of Kenton Hall has a rich history, the house dates back to c.1200, the original Tudor Hall was built by the De Kenton family. Generations of the family – who took their name from the Parish of Kenton, resided in the Hall for over 250 years.

In 1450 the Hall was inherited by marriage into the Garney family. The Garney family intermarried with all the best blood of Suffolk. They built and resided in many of the counties finest houses.

Generations of the Garney family resided in the Hall from the early 16th century through to the early 20th century. Each generation enhanced the hall and estate with new building works and improvements.

The house was most notably changed by the addition of the long façade during the sixteenth century (which still stands today). Composed of brick with stone-mullioned windows, its structure reveals the Roman influence on Tudor architecture.

A fire gutted the back wall and one wing of the Tudor Hall in 1919 leaving the façade undamaged. The Hall and wing have been re-built and stand as it is today.